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The development of technology is perceived as a 'boon' for the humanity. Since the time of evolution people have been obsessed with making their lives better by working hard for their survival needs. The coming up of digital services has provided easier access to food, shelter, transportation, and making it easier for people to work in an urbanized metropolis. The technology development provides connectivity, easier excess to information, resources and has developed many employment opportunities. There are different reasons to appreciate what technology has provided us. But on the contrary their lies an unprecedented dark area which is left unseen…

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The world lives in Duality whether in terms of wealth, social gatherings, political alignment, etc. Since the evolution of human species, the idea of polarities has existed. In the traditional times, where men had nothing but the fear and trauma of survival, made him to believe in an existential being called "god" who protected them, while another form of same being called ‘‘devil’’ who tortured him. His perceptions have been shaped from these polarities he sees in nature- white and black, cold and hot, small and big. …

It has been approximately 11 years since the French revolution which bought up the idea of new industrialization, mass production and majorly the idea of enlightenment. The spark of enlightenment which was first bought up in this period told us how individuals should leave aside the idea of irrationality and broaden their ways towards approaching the society.

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